Snoopy has packed and is ready for a new trip. This time to Vienna and after that to Frankfurt.
Snoopy loves to be active (sometimes), so this holiday he's going to cycle down the Danube to Vienna. Here he is on his bicycle, ready to go!
Snoopy in close-up...
After a long and hot day of cycling Snoopy enjoys a large glass of beer (a shame they had no rootbeer!)
Snoopy in control of the remote in the hotel room.
It's nice to see other people working out! ;-)
Of course Snoopy wanted to have a picture taken in front of the Danube.
A nice view at the "sch?ne blaue Donau" in the evening light (beautifull blue Danube).
On his way cycling to the next village, Snoopy discovered a resting point with a milk vending machine next to the well known softdrink vending machine. How nice; a cup of fresh biological milk on a hot day!
....also a nice place to refresh himself at a tap with fresh water..
Snoopy loves to sleep on his doghouse, but when the hotelbed is so luxurious with no less than six pillows he can't resist!
Snoopy likes to visit Zoo's, so when he arrived in Vienna, he visited Sch?nbrunn Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world (founded in 1752). Here he is standing in front of the Emperors Breakfast Pavilion in the middle of the zoo.
Snoopy watching the alligators. What an animals! Snoopy is glad they're behind bars....
Snoopy also visited Prater (a yearround fair) in Vienna where the famous giant wheel is located.
Snoopy enjoying the view from the giant wheel which was very nice by night with all the lights from the fair.
Before leaving Vienna Snoopy had to eat a piece of "Sachertorte"...jummy! (chocolate cake filled with a layer of apricotjam and covered with chocolate).