Snoopy in the train. He's on his way to visit Prague for a few days.
Snoopy is looking at the Town Hall clock on Old Town Square. Every time the clock strikes the hour the procession of the 12 apostles comes out. Snoopy hasn't seen anything like this before....and he isn't the only one, the square is full off tourists.
Snoopy at the famous Charles Bridge looking towards the Old Town and Prague castle.
Because of the nice weather, Snoopy decides to go for a walk in Petrin Park.
Snoopy is enjoying the view from the park. He's looking here towards New Town.
This looks familiair! It looks like the Eiffel tower in Paris, but it is Petrin tower, which is an imitation built for the Jubilee Exhibition. Snoopy thinks it's cute.
After the long walk Snoopy is relaxing in the hotel, what a nice bed he has!
Like all tourist Snoopy has to visit Prague Castle and the historical buildings surrounding the castle. Here Snoopy is looking at St. George's Basilica a Romanesque church.
Snoopy looking at the most picturesque buildings in Prague; The Golden Lane. A small narrow lane with very tiny houses. Amongst others the famous writer Kafka has lived here.
Snoopy can't pay a visit to Prague whithout tasting the local beer!