Snoopy is going to Rhodes this time. He's a bit excited because he will be flying for the first time! Here he's watching the plane getting loaded with all the luggage.
Snoopy has a seat next to a window so he can see everthing. He can't wait to see the sunny Greek isle Rhodes. After a rainy summer he want's to enjoy the sun!
Snoopy loves the view from his appartment! Something else than the view from his doghouse...
Snoopy stays at an all-inclusive resort so next thing in the morning he is enjoying the cookies they have. Not his favourite chocolate chip cookies, but these ain't bad!
Rhodes has a lot to see especially old sites. Here he is enjoying the view at the remains of a temple near Rhodes town.
Snoopy at the stairs of another old building in town...
Some old buildings are rebuild or restored but not all buildings are. Here Snoopy is resting at a part of a pillar.
After a long day in the hot sun it's nice to relax whith a real Greek Mythos beer. What a life!
At night Snoopy loves to entertain himself with making crosswords. A real holiday passtime.
One of the last days Snoopy is visiting an old town which has been almost completely vanished after an earthquake. An impressive view, you can still see bits of the houses and roads.