This time Snoopy is visiting Paris! Of course he has to see the highlights. To begin with he visits the Notre Dame.
Here Snoopy is visiting the palace Versailles. What a huge building and what a decoration! Here Snoopy is admiring the big hall.
Snoopy at the back of the palace, thinking about his modest doghouse....
Of course a big palace also has a big garden. Here Snoopy is sitting in a funny shaped tree.
There it is, the most famous symbol of Paris, the Eifeltower!
Snoopy in front of the Centre Pompidou; a colourful building which houses a modern art museum.
Of course Snoopy couldn't leave Paris whithout having seen the Arc de Triomph.
If you look very closely you can see all the people on the roof. Unfortunately Snoopy had to go home and couldn't go to the top of the building. Maybe next time? Snoopy enjoyed Paris very much.