Astronaut Snoopy
Size: 4 cm
Key ring
Size: 11 cm
Key ring bag
Size: 9 cm
Key ring with a small telephonebook on it
Remarks: A gift from mum from China.
Size: 10x7 cm
Snoopy (metal key ring)
Size: 5 cm
Snoopy in raincoat key ring
Size: 7 cm
Snoopy millennium key ring
Size: 4 cm
Snoopy on his doghouse
Remarks: A gift from friends for my 19th birthday.
Size: 6 cm
Snoopy running
Size: 5 cm
Snoopy running (metal, two-sided)
Size: 5 cm
Snoopy running with glitters
Size: 5 cm
Snoopy with a red sweater
Size: 9 cm
Tiny notebook with Snoopy on it eating a chocolate chip cookie
Size: 5,5 cm

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