Address book
Size: 7,5x9 cm
Memo book
Size: 3x5 cm
Memo mate
Size: 7,5x7 cm
Memo mate
Size: 7x6,5 cm
Memory mate
Size: 8,5x19 cm
Mini binder
Size: 7,5x10 cm
Mini pencil set (red)
Size: 6,5x6 cm
Mini pencil set (yellow)
Size: 6,5x6 cm
Peanuts mini pak scribble pad
Size: 5,5x6,5 cm
Snoopy and Woodstock memo mate
Size: 7,5x7 cm
Snoopy heartshaped telephone book
Size: 4x4 cm
Snoopy ID card
Size: 7x12 cm
Snoopy mini binder with notebook
Size: 8x8 cm
Snoopy mini pencil case
Size: 7x6 cm
Snoopy pocket pal
Size: 7x13 cm
Snoopy study set
Size: 11x8 cm

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