Joe Cool plush backpack
Size: 44 cm
Let's fly away!, bag
Size: 29x12x28 cm
Peanuts etui
Size: 20x6 cm
Pink cotton bag
Size: 29x33 cm
Pink dressing-case
Remarks: A gift from mum and dad.
Size: 24x20 cm
Pink plastic bag
Size: 34x49 cm
Plastic bag, Snoopy lying in the sun
Plastified paper bag
Size: 43x33 cm
Purple plastic bag
Size: 40x29 cm
Purple wallet
Size: 9x12 cm
Red dressing case with flowers
Size: 19x12x5 cm
Shiny black dressing-case.
Remarks: A gift from mum and dad.
Size: 21x12x7 cm
Shiny black wallet.
Size: 11x9 cm
Small cotton bag, Snoopy and Woodstock cycling
Size: 16x16 cm
Small Snoopy etui
Size: 11 cm
Snoopy and his friends, purple bag
Remarks: A gift from Janneke
Size: 33x26 cm
Snoopy and Woodstock, small leather bag
Size: 11 cm
Snoopy dressing-case, I have a cute smile
Size: 18x12x8 cm
Snoopy flower wallet
Size: 15x9x2 cm
Snoopy wallet
Remarks: A gift from Greetje
Size: 13x10 cm
Very small rugsack
Remarks: Originally filled with socks.
Size: 17 cm tall
Size: 9x9 cm
Size: 7x10 cm

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