Beagle scout Snoopy pink alarmclock
Remarks: A gift from mum and dad from Italy for my 25th birthday.
Size: 10x6x12 cm
I hate people who sing. Blue alarmclock.
Size: 7x7x3 cm
Is there no one to rescue me?! Yellow alarmclock
Size: 7x7x3 cm
Pink Snoopy tennis clock
Size: 28 cm
Scarfing down junk food! Pink alarmclock.
Size: 7x7x3 cm
Snoopy airplane alarmclock
Size: 18x18 cm
Snoopy autumn alarmclock
Size: 6x3x6 cm
Snoopy in a shoe alarmclock
Remarks: A gift from mum from China.
Size: 16x13 cm
Snoopy with heart clock
Size: 28 cm

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