I regurlarly buy or get new Snoopy items, here you can see my newest items.

Snoopy Taiwan
Size: 8 cm
Snoopy slippers
Remarks: A gift from Mirjam for my 27th birthday
Peanuts guide to life
Remarks: A gift from mum and dad for my 28th birthday
Size: 16x16 cm
"Oh friend of friends", Peanuts box of friendship
Size: 8,5x7,5 cm
1981 week by week
Size: 24x22 cm
Snoopy on a sofa
Size: 10 cm tall
Snoopy flying ace
Size: 15 cm tall
Snoopy on a coin
Size: 15,5 cm tall
Snoopy World Famous Beagle
Size: 13,5 cm tall
Snoopy sitting, ceramic
Size: 17 cm tall