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Mary Dunbar
Your collection is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it! Mary

My favorite Snoopy website: JoeCollector.com

Hey! this is great i have a little collection my self althou i was thinking to sellet because I don't have much room for it.I been collecting snoopy for 8 years and everibody tha knows me kindly apport to my collection This is making much harder to sel it.But you are doing great! Keep up the good work.

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Hi! I love and i collected Snoopy's items too! We all love Peanuts! :) Bye. Nicol˛ (Italy)

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Hoi Eva, Wat een geweldige website heb je, en zo internationaal ook! Echt leuk om te lezen dat iedereen ter wereld jouw collectie zo mooi vindt!! Liefs, Lilian

My favorite Snoopy website: http://snoopycollection.nolwitte.nl

Puk (and her husband)
Wow, we love your amazing Snoopy-site! What a lot of cool Snoopy-stuff you've got! We, me and my husband, collect crocodiles and after seeing your site we are thinking to construct a site for our collection too! Its quite inspirating, especially Snoopy's hoiliday-pictures. I hope we'll see more of his pictures soon; maybe Snoopy in Paris??

My favorite Snoopy website: http://snoopycollection.nolwitte.nl/

Wat een gave site!! Ik ben 28 en al zolang ik me kan herinneren gek van Snoopy. Toen ik een jaar of 15 was ben ik wat fanatieker gaan verzamelen. Helaas is het sinds een jaar of 4 bijna niet meer mogelijk geweest mijn verzameling echt uit te breiden, door verbouwingen verhuizingen enz. Ik wil al jaren mijn verzameling op foto zetten.. Al is het maar om te voorkomen dat familie en vrienden dingen voor me kopen die ik al heb ;-) Ook erg leuk te zien dat we heel erg veel dezelfde spullen hebben! Ik heb een paar jaar geleden een eigen site gemaakt en had daar toen wel wat tijd voor omdat ik langdurig ziek thuis zat. Inmiddels werk ik weer fulltime, dus kom ik helaas weer wat tijd te kort. Maar ik wil het nog steeds een keer echt compleet en goed maken! En als ik het zo zie, zeker ook met mijn collectie op foto!! Groetjes Jopke

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.snoopy.com en mijn eigen site http://groups.msn.com/snoopy

Hoi Eva, hele leuke site! Wat leuk om te zien dat er meer mensen zijn met dezelfde 'tik' :>)) als ik. Ben ook bezig om een homepage te maken met mijn collectie.

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Hello, Eva! Thanks for visiting my site and signing my guest book. I enjoyed your site although I think it would be interesting to seeing more stuff about you. Take care now! ()"o)

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopynut.com

Hallo, ik ben verzamelaar van SPOT-ON. Dus niet van SNOOPY. Ik ben wel een fan van Snoopy en Charly Brown. Ik heb heel veel 11x18 strip boekjes in Engels en Nederlands. Daar doe ik niks meer mee. Als je belangstelling ervoor hebt, mag je ze komen ophalen in Amsterdam.

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.euronet.nl/users/ramses

Love your site..check out mine!

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.snoop-o-rama.com

Ongelooflijk, wat een enorme verzameling heb je! :-)) Ik heb je pagina opgenomen in de snoopy.startkabel.nl , ik hoop dat je dat leuk vindt. Groetjes, Caroline

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.tinstarcompany.com

Es maravilloso que tanta gente no se olvide de este lindo personaje que nos hizo vibrar durante nuestra ni˝ez. Felicito a todo el mundo que siente en su alma el Snoopy que lleva dentro.

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Wow, this is such an amazing site. I've always been a huge fan of The Peanuts Gang. I have a beagle named Snoopy, I have a collection of stuff (smaller than yours of course, though), etc. Thank you for sharing.

My favorite Snoopy website: http://snoopy.com

Eva, thanks for sharing your Snoopy collection! You have an amazing one!!! It's so great! I also love Snoopy, and Woodstock, but in my country (Per?) there's not so many things. Thanks to there's McDonalds here I have some of the profession and world tour collection too. Take care, M?nica

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

muy linda la coleccion de snoopy, felicitaciones yo igual tengo una comparto el mismo hobby desde chile snoopy marcela

My favorite Snoopy website: WWW.SNOOPY.COM

muy linda la coleccion de snoopy, felicitaciones yo igual tengo una comparto el mismo hobby desde chile snoopy marcela

My favorite Snoopy website: LINDA COLECCION

I love your collection. I've been collecting Snoopy and Peanuts for over 30 years. It's interesting to see that I have completely different items then you. My favorite is a 2 ft high Snoopy pez dispenser that plays Linus and Lucy. Keep on collectin!!

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Je hebt een mooie collectie Eva!!!!

My favorite Snoopy website: the official snoopy website

I am a snoopy fans too. I also collect them. Nice collection there. congradulation!!!

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

I have a full set collection of Mcdonalds World Culture's Snoopy set which distribute by Mcdonalds Malaysia on 1999. Any person which interested for the collection please email me at f_woei@yahoo.co.uk . Thanks. LImited edition. !!

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Ohhh Eva, you have a great collection... CONGRATULATIONS, I love Snoopy also..??

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

gene ramos
Hi miss eva!i'm from manila and i'm also an avid fan of snoopy..love your collections. I hope you would send me one yours..joke...just smile.

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Eva, your collections are awesome.... I love it.... This is my snoopy homepage... www.geocities.com/gigiesamonte

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com & www.peanutscollectorclub.com

The Snoopy Lawyer in your proffession collection is missing a brown briefcase(which you can open) with Woodstock on top and an image from Snoopy with Woodstock on the side. I have 29 pieces from the world tour collection, if you want some info just send a message.

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Eva! I came across your pictures of your Snoopy room and it has given me much inspiration for my spare bed room which will be my Snoopy room....I will be making a doghouse shelf unit and will stencil the comic across the border. The tough part is going to be figuring out how to run a train set suspended from the ceiling.....I hope to get started this winter and finish by the spring. Thanks for the motivation!!!

My favorite Snoopy website: there are so many nice ones that I dont have a favorite

Heb je die Snoopy de hele reis bij je gehad?

My favorite Snoopy website: www.harry.com

Hi! It is so cool you have everythings snoopy stuff . I love everythings snoopy stuff...anythings !!!! I am so huge of fan snoopy . I still collect snoopy all my life. Love it !!!!!

My favorite Snoopy website: Everything on snoopy web - love it !!!!!!

Eva, Oh my goodness I love your collection and I'm a big fan of my dear Snoopy, and his little friend woodstock he so cute and all his little friends , I have some things of Snoopy but not close to what you have, I have not seen any one that loves snoopy like me I'm so happy to see there are Snoopy fans, and I have a question for you is Belle Snoopy women or sister I always thought that was his women. Snoopy Rocks !!!!

My favorite Snoopy website: snoopy.com

Diana Umanzor
Hi am a big snoopy fan just like u and i think u hav a great collection. I dont only collect snoopy items bt i also collect other peanuts characters

My favorite Snoopy website: snoopy.com

Carmina Santos
hi...i'm carmina from philippines!!...you have a very nice collection!!!...i enjoyed veiwing it...i really like snoopy and i hope i have all those stuffs in you're collection...but now i only got few of it...it was nice of you to show us your collection...thank you...hope you'll have more snoopy stuffs...bye!!...

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.snoopy.com

Hello Eva, Great collection!!!! Enjoyed looking at everything!

My favorite Snoopy website: snoopy.com

Veronica Domonkos Ettingshausen
hello from Venezuela, my name is veronica ... you have a beatiful collections of snoopy ..... !!!!!!!!!! my web page is: http://members.tripod.com.ve/snoopyvenezuela/

My favorite Snoopy website: www.campsnoopy.com

Brian Simpson
A lot of Snoopy in your display on the computer, most of them I don't really have it, do you have any idea whereabout I can buy them, I buy them a lot in the Markets here in Brisbane Australia. Happy Collection and Long time collection Brian

My favorite Snoopy website: www.snoopy.com

Feel free to leave a message! I'd like to hear from you.

My favorite Snoopy website: http://www.snoopy.com/